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Harvard Arab Conference: Key Takeaways

Khalid Berradi , Global Nexus | Posted : December 22, 2017

On November 9th, 2017, over 1,000 students and professionals convened at Harvard University for the 11th annual Harvard Arab Conference to discuss key issues across the region. The four-day conference promoted a forward-looking approach to seek innovative solutions to the political, economic, and social gaps that persist across the Arab World.  Conference attendees included government ministers, award-winning actors, former heads of state, students, and various other participants. The conference also showcased Arab innovation and resilience through panels and performances and provided participants with ample opportunities for networking.

Ade Mabogunje «Innovation takes courage and a strong team spirit»

OCP Policy Center | Posted : December 21, 2017

Nigerian and « design thinking process » expert, Ade Mabogunje has worked in Africa, India and Europe, before settling in California, where he is a Director at Stanford University. What does it take exactly for innovation to happen ? Such is the line of his thinking and teaching. He’s been invited twice to the 2016 and 2017 Atlantic Dialogues to share his knowledge with two cohorts of 50 Emerging Leaders from Africa, Europe and the Americas, selected by the OCP Policy Center. This Professor who refuses to be called so prefers to describe himself as an « ant ». He believes strongly in team spirit - if not Ubuntu, this African set of values that states in all the Bantu languages that « I am a human being only through other human beings ». 

Sécurité, partenariats Sud-Sud et regards latino-américains

OCP Policy Center | Posted : December 20, 2017

La troisième et dernière journée de la conférence de haut niveau Atlantique Dialogues, organisée du 13 au 15 décembre à Marrakech par l’OCP Policy Center, a porté pour l’essentiel sur des questions de géopolitique africaine, ainsi que sur la “croissance sans emploi”, “les partenariats Sud-Sud” et les témoignages apportés par trois anciens présidents d’Argentine et du Costa-Rica sur les trajectoires de développement latino-américaines.

Les relations Nord-Sud au coeur des Atlantic Dialogues

OCP Policy Center | Posted : December 18, 2017

La conférence Atlantic Dialogues 2017 s'est poursuivie le 14 décembre à Marrakech en passant progressivement de l'économie à la géopolitique. Des personnalités du Nord et du Sud se sont répondues, dans un débat franc et ouvert. 

“Repenser l’éducation, quelles compétences pour les métiers de demain ?”

OCP Policy Center | Posted : December 18, 2017

Sous cet intitulé, la seconde journée des Atlantic Dialogues, le 14 décembre, a abordé la question de l’éducation. Une urgence absolue, compte tenu de la transition démographique en cours en Afrique et de la persistance d’un fort chômage des jeunes – même diplômés – dans de nombreux pays.

Can Africa really benefit from its demographic dividend to accelerate growth?

Jorge Arbache | Posted : December 18, 2017

I am in Marrakech attending the Atlantic Dialogue, a very interesting event organized by the OCP Policy Center. One of the questions put to debate was: "How can Sub-Saharan Africa benefit from its economic potential to grow, thrive and eliminate poverty?"

Jobless growth : still a question mark…

Youssef Tobi | Posted : December 15, 2017

The In-focus session about Jobless Growth during the Atlantic Dialogues on December 14th led to a passionate debate on the future impact of jobless growth on Africa as well as the world economy.

The Atlantic Dialogues: A participant’s perspective

Mohammad Zia | Posted : December 15, 2017

As I arrived in Casablanca, I swerved between the crowds and baggage carousels to find someone I had never met before. That day in Casablanca was my first as a U.S. Fulbright Research Scholar seeking to learn more about Morocco’s energy sector.

How can African academia, media and civil society shape the narratives of Africa?

Youssef Tobi | Posted : December 14, 2017

A more realistic image of Africa has been recommended by participants of a Breakout Dinner on the continental“narratives”, during the 6th edition of the Atlantic Dialogues. This discussion is reported here under the Chatham House rules – i.e. no quotes from the participants, who have expressed their views off the record.  

Atlantic is strategic - and so is the South-North balance !

OCP Policy Center | Posted : December 13, 2017

A clear African perspective and a candid debate… This is how the 6th edition of the Atlantic Dialogues high-level conference, organized by the Moroccan think tank OCP Policy Center in Marrakech, has started this morning. The six authors of the 2017 edition of the annual report Atlantic Currents, published by the OCP Policy Center, have debated with the room - some 350 participants - on the crucial questions of African migration, economic integration, and the possibilities of a continental response to terrorism.