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Biden's Trade & Climate Policy: International Implications

Souha Majidi & Uri Dadush | 25 Jun 2021

The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, has been in office for nearly five months, marking a great return of the Democrats to the White House, as well as a strong resurgence of the US on the international scene. His first 100 days in office have been busy and promising, successfully managing the Covid-19 pandemic. However, he will need a tide of results to overcome the challenges. On climate change, multilateral cooperation, and international trade, expectations are high for a potential reversion to deep levels of transatlantic consensus and cooperation.

Les dix ans de la révolution tunisienne

Abdessalam Jaldi & Hamza M'jahed | 18 Jun 2021

La Tunisie a célébré récemment le 10ème anniversaire de la révolution qui a mis fin à l’ancien régime bénalien tout en définissant les principes de la IIème République. Alors que la transition démocratique semble toucher à sa fin, la transition économique tarde encore à émerger. Or, cette incapacité de la révolution à traduire la démocratie en progrès social, commence à menacer le projet démocratique lui-même, alors que la colère monte en puissance dans tout le pays.

Bridging the Gender Gap: Intersectionality of Oppression : The Case of Afro-Latinas

Lilia Rizk & Ana Paula Barreto (ADEL) | 16 Jun 2021

This podcast addresses the intersectionality of oppression, more specifically the intersection of race and gender and what that means in terms of access to privilege in today’s society. We delve into the plight of black women, more specifically of Afro-latinas/ black women in Latin America. Recently, the black lives matter movement has gained a lot of attention, although it has been going on for several years and although racism is nothing new, but this movement during the pandemic, led hundreds of thousands of people to hit the streets in all 50 states of the United States and in over 60 countries asking for racial justice. The protests spoke out against police brutality and impunity, and drew attention to systemic and structural racism that plague societies across the world. Racial prejudice takes on a whole new meaning when combined with discrimination based on gender, and this podcast breaks that down to fully grasp the depth of these dynamics.

Financial Globalization and Inequality

Otaviano Canuto & Hamza Saoudi | 11 Jun 2021

Inequality is nowadays one of the most important issues facing many economies around the world, not only in developing countries but also in advanced and emerging ones. Today, there is a new evidence that has been highlighted by several economists and international institutions and that shows that the fight against rising inequality is not only beneficial from an equity, political and social point of views but it is also beneficial from an economic point of view and can boost economic growth in the long run. In this podcast, Mr. Otaviano Canuto, Senior fellow at the Policy Center for the New South and a former vice-president at the world bank joined our economist Hamza SAOUDI to discuss the root causes behind the increase of within countries inequality and the main policies that African countries should prioritize in this critical time so to ensure a sustained and inclusive recovery.

Bridging the Gender Gap: Gender and Development

Lilia Rizk & Rumbidzai Chisenga (ADEL) | 9 Jun 2021

In this podcast, we will be looking at the Role of Women and gender equality in Development. The role of women, especially in developing countries, has been recognized as the single most important factor when it comes to bringing about and sustaining long term social change. Gender equality, especially in discussing access to education, ownership of wealth, monetary return for work, financial opportunities and so on, is an essential component to sustainable development and a sustainable and just future for all. The centrality of gender equality, women’s empowerment and the realization of women’s rights in achieving sustainable development has been increasingly recognized in recent decades, and in this podcast, Rumbidzai Chisenga touches upon some of the key points of this very large and complex conversation.