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Morocco, the Social and Territorial State

The Policy Center for The New South has turned the reflection on the "social and territorial state" into a research program. This concerns the social scope of public policies, which has become a priority more than ever in the light of Covid-19 pandemic. This crisis calls on policy makers to refocus their attention on social development and to place the citizen at the center of their concerns. The deployment of these strategies must be supported by a reinvented governance architecture, which puts in place institutions that meet the expectations of the citizen. Territorial democracy and the transfer of responsibilities to local representatives are essential levers for responding to citizens' aspirations and thus pave the way for full inclusion - of all social classes and all localities. The territorial state also leads to a redefinition of the identity of the public administration, which aims to broaden its fields of action by identifying the best practices and the means necessary to develop its capacities and leadership.

Subprograms :

- Inequality and Social Inclusion
- Governance and Local Development
- Political and Social Institutions, Citizenship
- Public Leadership