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Understanding Internal African Dynamics

The Policy Center for the New South aims to decipher internal African transformations in order to analyse the changes taking place in Africa. Encompassing a range of countries with many historical, cultural and demographic differences, and with significant gaps in development, the continent appears to be undergoing major political and socio-economic reconfigurations on an unprecedented scale. This supports the idea that a renewal of governance, that is able to take into account the needs of the new African society and contemporary Africa, is underway on the continent. The program envisages exploring the changes taking place in Africa with all their democratic, economic and societal connotations, in order to meet future African challenges, while placing the African citizen at the center of the new African development strategies. It focuses on the mutations of the State in Africa and the dynamics of African institutions, the transformations of African society, with a particular focus on the African society of the 21st century, intra-African power games, the peace-development-security nexus, and finally the inherent characteristics of the migration phenomenon.

Subprograms :

- State transformations and Dynamics of Institutions
- African Societies in the 21st Century
- Power Competition and Influences within Africa
- Peace-Development-Security Nexus
- Migration and Mobility in Africa