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  1. ADEL Portrait : Bushra Ebadi, social innovator Sabine Cessou Posted : September 20, 2021

    Bushra Ebadi speaks fast, in an even tone and a very articulate way. This social innovator, a strong personality raised in Mississauga (Canada) by parents who fled their country, Afghanistan, has a lot to say and even more to do. Since July 2021, she is a Network Coordinator for Amnesty International.

  2. L’Afrique ne représentait que 3-4% de la consommation mondiale d’énergie en 2020 Francis Perrin Posted : August 27, 2021

    Il est bien connu que le poids de l’Afrique sur la scène énergétique mondiale est faible, ce qui est le reflet de son poids économique. En 2020, en termes de consommation, la part de l’Afrique dans le total mondial ne dépassait pas 3% à 4%. De plus, cette part n’a que très peu augmenté au cours des dix dernières années.

  3. Generous Gesture Helmut Sorge Posted : May 20, 2021

    The Policy Brief ‘Pandemic, Preparedness, Morocco, and Africa’ by Uri Dadush provoked a personal reaction: Morocco may never be crowned football’s world champions, alas, but which nation, besides China, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Denmark, Vietnam, organized its anti-COVID-19 offensive more digitally and in a more modern way than the Kingdom?

  4. Turning the Smallest Village into a Classroom Helmut Sorge Posted : May 12, 2021

    Leonardo Da Vinci’s mechanical knight was a humanoid automaton, designed and possibly constructed by da Vinci around 1495. When a version of the mechanical knight was brought into existence several hundred years later, it could stand, sit, raise its visor, and independently maneuver its arms, operated by a series of pulleys and cables.

  5. ADEL Portrait : Hanae Bezad, an entrepreneur with a cause Sabine Cessou Posted : April 26, 2021

  6. It is the beard in which all power lies - Molière (1662) Helmut Sorge Posted : April 12, 2021

    The COVID-19 Virus and the Liberation of Women

  7. Resilience Against All Odds Helmut Sorge Posted : March 08, 2021

    Affluent citizens of Manhattan have been escaping to their beach homes at the famous Hamptons or the picturesque coast of nearby Massachusetts. Parisians are deserting their spacious apartments overlooking parks and boulevards, descending on quaint villages in Normandy or beyond.

  8. Central Banks and Inequality Otaviano Canuto Posted : February 11, 2021

    While the economic recovery around the world remains uneven, fragile, and unbalanced across sectors, financial markets are generally doing very well, thanks! In the United States, only half of the unemployment caused by the pandemic last year has been reversed, while stock markets continued to boom.

  9. A matter of life and death: governments must speed up vaccination Uri Dadush Posted : January 22, 2021

    COVID-19 vaccination in Europe and the United States is moving too slowly and is failing to prevent avoidable death and economic disruption. More must be done to accelerate the campaign by targeting those most at risk.