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Beyond the Arab Risings What Kind of Future?

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo , Alessandro Politi , Claire Spencer , Abdulaziz Sager , Karim El Aynaoui , Oumayma Bourhriba , Mahboub E. Hashem , Matt Herbert , Umberto Profazio , Eman Ragab , Brahim Oumansour , Ashraf Mohamed Keshk , Jean-Loup Samaan , Ahmad Masa’deh , Giovanni Romani | November 11, 2021

Since its very beginning in 2011, the Middle East and Deep Maghreb have been a fundamental priority for the Foundation. As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Arab uprisings, our Dossier wants to provide a meaningful understanding of the future dynamics of an area that, despite several positive attempts, is still affected by major instability. Gathering the perspectives of a pool of distinguished regional and international analysts, this publication dives into the socio-economic and political conditions that showed the aspirations of a civil society, often stifled by old problems and emerging challenges. Despite the very different outcomes of the uprisings, new ways ahead are possible.