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India and Morocco’s New Cooperation Areas: Focusing on Security and Preventing Violent Extremism

Ihssane Guennoun | Posted : October 02, 2019


With India looking more towards Africa as a home for sustainable partners, it is also looking at diversifying the areas of collaboration with several African countries, especially with Morocco. As early as 1967, India’s then Vice-President Zakir Hussain visited Morocco and set the tone for engagement between both countries. The latter has established diplomatic relations based on mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. Since then, the two countries have enjoyed fruitful relations that materialized in various sectors.

India – Morocco Ties: Looking at Cooperation from an Agricultural Perspective

Ihssane Guennoun | Posted : September 04, 2017

India and Morocco have enjoyed a steady and fruitful relationship that continues to grow thanks to the trade opportunities between both countries. Indeed, the various agreements between India and Morocco yielded effective results for both countries who set a model of South-South cooperation that is also a win-win partnership. 

The Evolving Landscape in the Sahel: a Snapshot

Ihssane Guennoun | Posted : June 09, 2016

Political Developments: Towards a Political Transition?

Countries in the Sahel are facing political changes that seriously affect the African continent at large. This blog attempts to give an overview of the recent political developments in the region before focusing on the ongoing challenges.

Is NATO Globalizing in the Light of Regional Geopolitical Upheavals?

Ihssane Guennoun | Posted : March 14, 2016

During the Lisbon Summit back in 2010, NATO adopted its third post-bipolar Strategic Concept acknowledging the structural and functional transformation process. In addition to its traditional mission of ensuring mutual defense, stabilizing its surroundings and global power projection capability now adds to the organization’s mission. As a matter of fact, the role of NATO could be shifting from a regional defense alliance to that of a global player. However, one can only wonder whether NATO will be able to fully fulfill its new role on the long run. How can the organization cope with the Russian threat in the short-medium run? What links does NATO maintain with the Mediterranean basin?