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Morocco at COP 26

Rim Berahab , Uri Dadush | November 09, 2021

As COP 26 unfolds, more attention is likely to be paid to big emitters such as China and the United States than to the situation of small developing...

Confronting “Deglobalization” in the Multilateral Trading System

Mehmet Sait Akman, Bozkurt Aran, Leonardo Borlini, Carlos A. Primo Braga, Uri Dadush , Fernando De Mateo, Alejandro Jara, Douglas Lippoldt, Giorgio Sacerdoti | October 07, 2021

The first two decades of this millennium were marked by major political, economic and geopolitical disruptions. This has led many analysts to predict...

Is China a Developing Country?

Uri Dadush | May 31, 2021

China is the world's largest exporter of goods. It is also, by any plausible criterion, a developing country. China's dual status needs to...

Pandemic Preparedness, Morocco, and Africa

Uri Dadush | April 28, 2021

Preparedness for the next pandemic is an essential investment. To get it right, countries must stay flexible and reinforce their international health...

After Trump

Uri Dadush | October 16, 2020

Whether President Trump is reelected or not, the United States will, sooner or later, revert to a traditonalist foreign policy of openness and...