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China’s Expanding Energy and Geopolitical Linkages with Central Asia and Russia: Implications for Businesses and Governments

Can ÖĞÜTÇÜ , Mehmet ÖĞÜTÇÜ | September 29, 2017

This paper discusses the expanding links between China, Central Asia and Russia over the past quarter a century, most recently via the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in geopolitics and trade/ investment, as well connections in oil, gas and electricity. These links that continue to expand are likely to change the current economic, political and energy landscape beyond recognition.

They are forging mutual economics dependencies and reducing security risks. The paper also assesses whether, as a result of these developments, Russia’s influence in the region’s energy and geopolitics will further wane. Finally, it set outs what the future has in store for China’s Central Asia strategy in terms of both high expectations and tangible results, before concluding on how
governments and businesses in the region should position themselves accordingly.