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A Regional Connectivity Partnership for the Mediterranean

Raffaele Della Croce , Karim El Aynaoui , Youssef El Jai , Alessandro Gili , Alin Horj , Murat Kenanoğlu , Carlo Secchi | September 29, 2021

Changes in global value chains and reshoring trends brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic represent an opportunity for sustainable and inclusive economic development of the Mediterranean region. While the region has increased its participation in trade and global value chains, it remains below its potential due to limited connectivity and the lack of adequate investment in infrastructures. To boost competitiveness and attract near-shoring investments, an upgrade of the Mediterranean region’s logistic facilities as well as an integration of its supply chains is essential. Such goals would be best achieved through significant international cooperation, relying primarily on fora to set common standards for infrastructure investment, private sector co-operation and development banks to provide the financial resources for the deployment of infrastructure.

This article was originally published by the Think20 (T20).