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High and Persistent Skilled Unemployment In Morocco: Explaining it by Skills Mismatch

Thomas Awazu Pereira da Silva | November 09, 2017

This paper sheds light on the increasing and persistent skilled unemployment in Morocco over the past decade – oscillating around 20% of total...

Manufacturing Employment Elasticity and Its Drivers in Developing and Emerging Countries : Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

Abdelaaziz Aït Ali , Tayeb Ghazi , Yassine Msadfa | September 08, 2017

The aim of this work is to contribute to the empirical literature on employment-GDP elasticities in four main ways. First, it provides a set of...

A Practitioner’s Guide for Building the Interregional Input-Output System for Morocco, 2013

Eduardo Amaral Haddad , Fatna El Hattab , Abdelaaziz Aït Ali | August 09, 2017

This paper reports on the recent developments in the construction of an interregional input-output matrix for Morocco (IIOM-MOR). As part of an...

Emissions de Dioxyde de Carbone et Croissance Economique au Maroc : Une Analyse de la Courbe Environnementale de Kuznets

Rim Berahab | March 29, 2017

Dans un contexte mondial de plus en plus préoccupé par les aléas climatiques, comprendre l’impact de la croissance économique sur l’environnement...