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Closing Plenary Sessions

In every edition of the Atlantic Dialogues conference, the Emerging Leaders address the entire conference audience in a special closing plenary session dedicated to that specific year’s cohort

Closing Plenary-Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders 2019

The Role of Youth in Building, Connecting and Anticipating - Closing Plenary - AD Emerging Leaders 2018

Taking Stock and Moving Forward: What is the Common Cause for the Next Generation of Emerging Leaders - Closing Plenary - AD Emerging Leaders 2017

Closing Plenary - AD Emerging Leaders 2016

Thinking Through the Unexpected - Closing Plenary - AD Emerging Leaders 2015 

Closing Plenary - AD Emerging Leaders 2014

Best of

Emerging Leaders Program 2017

Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders 2019 Best of


What are the Atlantic Dialiogues "Lilia Rizk"

What are the Atlantic Dialogues "Emil Chireno"

Featuring Emill Chireno, ADEL 2016

AD TV Interview

Featuring Jo Ann Sackey, ADEL 2018

AD Interview 2019

#AD2019 | Chidiogo Akunyili : "#AD not only believes in us through words, but through action"

Featuring Chidiogo Akunyili, ADEL 2019

#AD2019 | Eric Ntumba : "The themes we're engaging on makes me want to come"

Featuring Eric Ntumba, ADEL 2017

#AD2019 | Chika Uwazie : "One of the actual places you can come and see a diverse audience"

Featuring Chika Uwazie, ADEL 2017

#AD2019| Sarala Morusupalli: "I am confident that 10 years from now we will make a huge difference

Featuring Sarala Morusupalli

#ADEL 2019: Kheston Walkins: "Ther is a shift in the way people think about mental health"

Featuring Kheston Walkins, ADEL 2019

#ADEL 2019: Chaimae Bourjij: "This is a unique program for young leaders from the Atlantic"

Featuring Chaimae Bourjij, ADEL 2019

#ADEL 2019: Maximo Plo Seco: "We want to change the narrative around Diversity"

Featuring Maximo Plo Seco, ADEL 2019

#ADEL 2019-Emmanuel Lubanzadio: "I see strength and commitment towards the African Continent"

Featuring Emmanuel Lubanzadio, ADEL 2019

#ADEL 2019-Edna Liliana Valencia Murillo: "My focus is to promote the visibility of Africa"

Featuring Edna Liliana Valencia Murillo, ADEL 2019

AD Interview 2018

Interview with Eric Ntumba #AD2018

Featuring Eric Ntumba, ADEL 2017

Interview with Youssef Kobo #AD2018

Featuring Youssef Kobo, ADEL 2016

AD Interview 2017

Lamia Bazir-Emerging Leader 2014, on "Atlantic People"

Featuring Lamia Bazir, ADEL 2014

Avril Perry, AD Emerging Leader 2017

Featuring Avril Perry, ADEL 2017

Seyi Oyenuga-Nigerian Farmer, AD Emerging Leader 2017

Featuring Seyi Oyenuga, ADEL 2017

Joana Ama Osei Tutu - AD Emerging Leader 2017 (Ghana)

Featuring Joana Ama Osei Tutu, ADEL 2017

Njoya Tikum, Senior Advisor on Anti-Corruption Policies and Economic Governance at UNDP

Featuring Njoya Tikum, ADEL 2014

AD Interview 2015

Hiba Rizk, Senior Project Manager, Transcarbon African Middle East

Featuring Hiba Rizk, ADEL 2015

AD Interview 2014

Taha Amiar, Sustainability Analyst, Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program

Featuring Taha Amiar, ADEL 2014

Zineb Benjelloun, Responsable Eau et Utilités, Groupe OCP

Featuring Zineb Benjelloun, ADEL 2014

Njoya Tikum, Regional Policy Programme Advisor Anti-Corruption and Economic Governance

Featuring Njoya Tikum, ADEL 2014

Serge Doukoure, Cabinet du Premier Ministre, Côte d'Ivoire

Featuring Serge Doukoure, ADEL 2014

Serguei OUATTARA, President & Executive Manager

Featuring Serguei Ouattara, ADEL 2014

Sonia Toro, Directirce Communication, EU-Africa Chamber of Commerce

Featuring Sonia Toro, ADEL 2014

Aissata Thiam, Auditeur à KPMG CI, Côte d'Ivoire, Emerging Leaders Program

Featuring Aissata Thiam, ADEL 2014

AfricCanDo Best Of

The Best Moments of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders

AfriCanDo Interviews

Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders: Mamoun Ghallab interviews Lilia Rizk from OCP Policy Center

Featuring Lilia Rizk Program Manager, Emerging Leaders

"The glass ceiling exists everywhere" Asmaa Guedira's #AfricanDo interview

Featuring Asmaa Guedira ADEL 2017

"Mentor young people in soft skills"-Chika Uwazie's #AfricanDo Interview

Featuring Chika Uwazie, ADEL 2017

"Need to build an entrepreneurship infrastructure"-Richard Seshi's AfriCanDo Video

Featuring Richard Seshi, ADEL 2017

"Clarity of Vision is Critical"-Eniola Mafe's AfriCanDo Interview at the Atlantic Dialogues

Featuring Eniola Mafe, Visionary Leader 2017

"Plant-based fabrics are a ink etween Agriculture and Fashion"

Featuring Vicky Ngari-Wilson, ADEL 2017

Emerging Leaders 2018-Big Idea for Africa Part 1

Featuring Silindile Nanzile Mlilo, Nadia Makara, Kevin Vuong, All ADEL 2018

Emerging Leaders 2018-Big Idea for Africa Part 2

Featuring Jo Ann Sackey, Hallelujah Lulie, Patricia Ahanda, All ADEL 2018

Eniola Mafe - #AfriCanDo interview at The Atlantic Dialogues 2018

Featuring Eniola Mafe, Visionary Leader 2017

AfriCanDo Live Debates

AfriCanDo live debate: African Education

Featuring Idia Irele, Jean Claude Muhire, Goodiel C. Moshi, Sandiso Sibisi, All ADEL 2017

AfriCanDo live debate: Aid to Africa

Featuring Sem Mandela Uutoni, Nejat Abdella, Malancha Chakrabarty, Anas Oulmidi, All ADEL 2017

AfricanCanDo live debate: Climate Crisis

Featuring Ahmed Rachid El Khattabi and PJ Okocha, both ADEL 2018